HEY !!!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS !!!!!!!! hi i'm aware that the sidebar is fucking broken . i'm trying to figure out how to fix that but it'll involve me potentially replacing the sidebar entirely. oh yeah also hold on i'm at school rn i'll fix it later || for now I suggest you ctrl + click the links so it opens on a different tab ! They're starting to open up the sky...they're starting to reach down through. And it feels like we're living in that split-second of a car crash and time is slowing down. And if we only had a little more time and this time is all there is. Do you remember the time we...? And all the times we...? And should have...? And were going to...? I know. And I know you remember how we could justify it all..and we knew better, in our hearts we knew better. And we told ourselves it didn't matter, and we chose to continue, and none of that matters anymore. In the hour of our twilight and soon it will be all said and done. And we will all be back together, as one if we will continue at all. STALE INCENSE, OLD SWEAT,


ever wanted to cut open my brain and see what the fuck dwells in there?
...well you can't but to compensate heres a little site thats... hopefully a good enough equivalent/alternative to that!

That aside, hello! welcome to my little gay baby jail of the internet. I'm your torture room operator, Seven. Or Zero, I like that name as well.
fuck carrd neocities is where it's at!!!

check out the shit on the sidebar!!

And I guess I just wanted to mention as the heavens will fall...we will be together soon, if we will be anything at all.

And you never get away...and you never get to take the easy way. And all of this is a consequence...brought on by our own hand, if you believe in that sort of thing...any place that was still, and at peace? And I guess I just wanted to tell you...as the light starts to fade...that you are the reason...that I am not afraid.