yeah heyyy seven's my name, ear destroyings my game

this page and the whole site is very work in progress lmfao

I'm 14 years old, I'm ablebodied, I'm white... and also I'm gender apathetic (TME), my pronouns are he/it/she, and I am aroace. I'm taken but it's not like anyone gives a shit!!


I cannot tag swearing and caps, I rarely reclaim the R slur (can tag), and I try to give everyone I meet a chance. If someone is shitty, PLEASE TELL ME. I'm very likely unaware.


No criteria I'll just hardblock anyone I don't like


Nobody cares! You all hated the stuff I like, anyway!


Yadda yadda yadda, I'm Seven, and everyone hates me. WHO CARES. I'm not the same motherfucker I was in August. I like nine inch nails i guess

By the way, I'm aware this page mirrors my page on 7cic and that's just because I'm at school so I can't really... work on this too much. It'll be fixed up soon, I promise!


the other one